Tristan Aitchison is a filmmaker and photographer.

He is from the Northern Highlands of Scotland.

He has an interest in documenting social issues.

His award-winning short film CARE about care home abuse won Best Artistic Direction at La Guarimba International Film Festival and screened at twenty other international film festivals.

Tristan is currently in post-production of his debut feature documentary Sidney & Friends about the transgender and intersex community of Nairobi, Kenya.

He is Film Tutor at BFI Film Academy Highlands and Islands, nurturing the next generation of creative talent.

Short Film 2014
Confused and solitary, an elderly woman sits in a remote,abandoned care home. Haunted by memories, will shediscover why she is there and is she really alone?

  • Winner of Best Artistic Direction La Guarimba International Film Festival, (Italy) 2014 
  • Shortlisted for Best Activist Short Fiction Film Tollpuddle Radical Film Festival, (England) 2014 
  • Finalist at Festival Internazionale del Cinema d'Arte (Milan), 2014 
  • Official Selection at: International Video Art House Madrid, Live at Heart (Orebo Sweden), Qabila Film Festival (Cairo), Post Mortem International Horror Film Festival (Mexico), Aurora International Horror Film Festival (Mexico) GoNorth (Now XpoNorth, Inverness) Ickle Film Festival (Dundee), Festival Internacional de Cine de Santander (Colombia), Festival international Signes de Nuit (Paris) Fecico Conurbano Film Festival (Buenos Aires) Festival Internacional de Cine de Santander (Colombia) West Virginia Filmmakers Festival (USA), Songs of ReflectionShort Film Movement+ (London) Siliguri International Documentary and Short Film Festival (India) Montanha Pico Festival (Azores, Portugal). La Guarimba International Film Festival (Italy) 2015 -Best of Previous Fests.

“The film masterfully shows us the faces of the abandoned, and how everything can deteriorate with the passing of time.” -The Jury, La Guarimba International Film Festival

"The whole house is alive with decomposition, scares, threats and whispers.  A triumph." - El Tornillo De Klaus

Aitchison has created a creepy mood piece that makes excellent use of its crumbling and eerie location.” -XpoNorth

How To Solve A Problem Like Maria
Short documentary (2013) for Kenyan LGBTI NGO Jinsiangu. 

A young Kenyan trans girl shares her experiences of transitioning.

Curated for: 

  • Changing Faces Changing Spaces Conference for Africa's LGBTI and Sex Worker Movements 2013
  • Transcreen Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival 2015 
  • Side by Side International LGBT Film Festival St Petersburg 2015 

“Ground-breaking” - Planet Transgender

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